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Welcome to my home!

Hi! My name is Angel, but my friends call me Angel-Brat, Babbles, or Whiney. I am a female Umbrella Cockatoo. I was hatched in an incubator on January 11, 1994. My mommy bought me when I was 3.5 months old.

I live in Peachland, British Columbia, and I own 2 Golden Retrievers. Their names are Sammi and Montana. I like beating them up. It is so much fun biting their noses, or trying to pull out their toenails. I once even hitched a ride on a tail!

Some of my hobbies are singing, dancing, chewing things up, escaping from my cage, and running like crazy on the lawn! I also enjoy taking showers, reading picture books, and surfin' the net with my mommy. Oh, I almost forgot - I LOVE to play dress up. My favorite outfit is my beautiful flower-print dress!

My favorite foods are: ice cream, popcorn, potato chips, any kind of fruit, pasta with alfredo sauce, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter, cookies, perogies and mashed potatoes. My mommy also makes me eat Tropican pellets, which are NOT my favorite food. However, she won't let me have anything good until I eat my pellets first.

Here are some of favorite places to hang out:

'Too Ville: The best chat site in history!

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This page was last updated on Sept. 25, 1997

Angel-Brat the Wonder Bird
Box 181
Peachland, British Columbia V0H 1X0